Arduino Vs LittleBits

Arduino Vs LittleBits


Both are open-source electronics platforms, and in prototyping process we can obtain more or less the same results, but they have significant differences.

With the Arduino® card you need to program in a special language, very similar to C++. Can be conected by USB to a computer to transfer the program. It provides a  lot of combinations with the servos, actuators and all the components, so for us this is translated like more freedom for design.

On the other hand we had the LittleBits® system. Much easyer and simpler to make it work. We avoid completely the programming step and we can focus on the action. With very intuitive magnet connectors is easy to build an electric system, with all the components. These caracteristics make them perfect for early prototypes but not for final prototypes or robots.


2 thoughts on “Arduino Vs LittleBits

  1. I’m interested in these two products as a gift for someone. They are a computer programmer . So, from this it sounds like they would be more interested in arduino? Is there programming involved with LittleBits, if someone wanted to?

    • Sorry for answering so late, I’ve missed the message!
      As long as we know, the best for computer programmers are the Arduino cards. The’re an open source of programming, so they’ll enjoy and better results with this kind of device.
      The LittleBits are ment to be for less educated programmers. They can be used as a toys for kids, in key to develop their creativity, or used for a very early prototypes on product design. Easy to assembly and to make them work, and you don’t need any programming background to make them work.
      I know it’s way too late, but I hope you can use this information. But if you want to upgrade this, the best is to check their webpages.

      Thanks for asking and good luck!

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