There are three different places where we execute our project, these places are:

At Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus (HiOA) we have once a week a meeting with our supervisor. Here he helps us where we are stuck or with our questions and the process of the project. This is really helpful for us. At HiOA there are also rooms and computers available where we can work.

We also have our own bionic working room, here we meet with the group and work together on our tasks. This room is always open for us so we can work here whenever we want. This is really efficient because we can work and immediately discuss and ask questions to each other when necessary. We also have some materials in this room to build some basic mock-ups and mechanical parts.

At the Kjeller campus we have our own workbench here we have a lot of materials like wood, plastics, metals, paper and also some tools. So here we can build more advanced mock-ups and transfer our ideas into something visual. We have also meetings at Kjeller with experts of design and mechanics that help us improving our 3D models and the mechanics of the robot. Further there are 3D printers at Kjeller that we can use to print our 3D models and other parts of the robot.


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