To get with a good product you must follow a design methodology, even if you work alone or in group. In our team we decied to start with a brainstorm. Totally open and free, without limits. The only condition was the idea must involve any bionic concept.

Slowly, when the idea was choosen, we defined the scope of our profect, where to aim to achive the goal. We needed to consider our possibilities, the recources able for us, the time available, etc

After that step, we described the milestones plan, that it’s simply putting all we had done and all we planned to do, in one  table and define a schedule for each task and think about our stakeholders. We also developed a structure to define our project, the challenges that represent, the solutions that we can find in each challenge and finally the deliverables for each solution. Following that system, it’s easy to find blind spots in the project.


All this procediment and further steps are detailed in the Main Page ( on every post we do.



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