The project itself was not specified at the beginning of the semester and it was a group responsibility to select the topic suitable for all group members. During the first weeks we were investigating the field of Bionics and related disciplines such as Zoology, Botanic, Environmental Protection in order to develop our own ideas for the project.

Later, on one of the weekly meetings with supervisor we were informed about project from previous years, which inspired us to came to final decision. The project topic was an armadillo robot.

The idea was to build a robot, which can roll like a ball, roll-up by itself and walk. Many designs were invented before we ultimately decided how the robot will look like.

The biggest challenge in this project is to gain knowledge in the field of mechanics, robotics and electronics. None of us had contact before with it, thus the project requires a lot of work.

Our greatest and most desirable aim is to get interest from the Bionic department of the German company FESTO (http://www.festo.com/cms/en_corp/9617.htm).

We hope that our project will inspire them to further development of an armadillo robot.


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